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Excellent Kindle Oasis E-reader. Easy to use if you look at the manual which is preloaded as one of your books. The lights do a excellent job for reading anytime, any light source( none to full sun.) and with the 32 gig hard drive can store a lifetime of reading the first time you pick it up. (First load, 6,100 titles.) This wonderful tool work with audiobooks, Kindle .mobi, .epub, and .pdf files.

Easy to use if you look at the manual which is preloaded as one of your books

The Oasis size is interesting, at almost square. It's a nice size to hold, and the bump under the buttons actually makes it easier. The buttons make reading very pleasant, and you can choose which one is next page (depending on how your hold it). You can also use the touchscreen to advance pages. The screen is very nice, and the ability to warm up the light is very nice when reading in the dark.

It's a nice size to hold, and the bump under the buttons actually makes it easier

Then there is the big question, is a Kindle right for you? Reading on an e-ink screen is vastly superior to reading on a normal tablet (like a Fire or iPad). It is much easier on the eyes, in a well lit room, or in the dark. The screens are fast now, so page turns aren't the problem they originally were. If you read prose, a Kindle is a great device. They fall down with books that have a lot of unique formatting (tables, images, call-outs, etc.) For these kinds of books, a larger screen iPad is superior. The Kindle ecosystem is also fantastic. Buying from Amazon is easy, there is a huge selection, and you can often find good deals. Prime members can borrow a number of books for free and the Kindle unlimited subscription has even more (but you need to read at least one book a month to make it worthwhile). Our local library also allows you to check out Kindle books from them. Its kind of a pain to get books from other stores into a readable format for the Kindle, but it is possible for the technically minded. Highly recommended.

Reading on an e-ink screen is vastly superior to reading on a normal tablet

This device is worth it. It simply is, even with the higher price tag. If you only read casually, don't bother--just keep using your phone, tablet, or laptop to read electronically. However, if you want to make reading a regular meaningful experience in your life, invest more for this device. The main features that set this apart from the Kindle Paperwhite, making the Oasis in a class of its own, are these:

1. The warmth slider. This truly makes the device easy and inviting to your eyes in any lighting environment, especially in the dark. It feels like having a car seat warmer when it's cold outside. The warmth slider nearly justifies the price of the Oasis all on its own. It makes that much of a difference to you. Without it, everything is a bit "cold".

2. The bigger screen. Some people say the paperwhite has a more ideal screen size, because you can fit it in your pocket; however, why would you keep your kindle in your pocket? Why would that be a goal? In my mind, the larger screen on the Oasis is still a very portable form factor, but it's superior to the Paperwhite since its larger screen is closer to the size of a real book page. To me, the Oasis screen size is 'just right' for a device that is intended for dedicated reading (not casual reading when you're out-and-about, which could be done more conveniently with your phone anyway).

3. Having significantly more internal side lights. This device has many more lights to keep the screen very consistently lit. It has an even lighting all across the display. You especially notice this in the dark. The consistent lighting and the warmth slider make this display simply better than the Paperwhite. You can make your room pitch black and read the Oasis in complete comfort.

4. The page turning buttons, and asymetrical shape for shifting the weight towards your main holding hand, are nice design choices. You notice them more over longer reading sessions. These aren't essential, but they are a nice addition.

The bigger screen, waterproof

No more soggy pages with the Amazon Kindle Oasis - it's built to withstand getting splashed at the beach or dropped in the bathtub, hot tub, or pool. Kindle Oasis is IPX8 rated to protect against immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

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