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BEFORE WE WERE YOURS is two interwoven stories that take place two generations apart. Lisa Wingate uses this clever vehicle to tell the story of Georgia Tann, sometimes described as the most prolific mass murderer in American history. Her victims were not adults in a shopping center, millennials at a concert or students in school. They were often babies. No one knew for years. Historians have documented the life of Georgia Tann in several nonfiction books. Lisa Wingate puts a more human face on the story by overlaying the atrocities committed by Georgia Tann with the fictional 1939 account of Rill Foss and the current day account of Avery Stafford.

Before We Were Yours

This is a very well written fiction story about an adoption scandal that was in the not so distant past. It highlights what happens when we decide that we know better what should be done for people because of our social and educational status, and greed comes along to sway those decisions to criminal activity. Unfortunately, we think those days are in the past, when actually there is more human trafficking in the present than there was back then. This book reminds us to never turn a blind eye or devastation occurs in many people’s lives. At least in this case, there was some redemption and a huge amount of love that healed some of the wounds.

Before We Were Yours: A Novel

About the Author

Lisa Wingate is a former journalist, an inspirational speaker, and the bestselling author of more than twenty novels. Her work has won or been nominated for many awards, including the Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize, the Oklahoma Book Award, the Carol Award, the Christy Award, and the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award. Wingate lives in the Ouachita Mountains of southwest Arkansas.

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