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Beneath the Dune is the story of Tucker, a sports editor working at the local newspaper, who is sent to investigate a story. Visiting the place where a child's remnants are found, he is contacted by a ghost who wants a past wrong righted. As Tucker digs deeper into a world of crimes swept under the rug, Tucker's dreams start to reveal more and more that might just put his own sanity to the test.

Beneath the Dune kindle

A highly recommended read, this novel will provide a reader with entertainment for a good couple of hours. The plot itself isn't spectacular, the main character is contacted by a ghost asking him to right a past wrong; however, the main character's mannerisms and witticisms pulled this novel together.

Beneath the Dune

About the Author

When not at the Jersey Shore, Walter is a part time resident of the Central Florida coast. He became enamored with the beauty, culture, and people of this pristine area over 30 years ago, and still can't get enough. He has vigilantly taken the time to delve into the history of this beautiful coast line and incorporated that background into his writings.
Walter spent much of his earlier years traveling the Florida coast from Saint Augustine to Key West from his father's home in Daytona Beach. When not working on his next novel, Coastal Access, Walter enjoys reading as well as outdoor activities that include surfing and jogging.

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