CellEver Dual Guard Protective Shock-Absorbing Scratch-Resistant Rugged Drop Protection Cover Designed for iPhone 6 / 6S

This CellEver case fit perfectly and was easy to install on the iPhone 6 /iPhone 6s. Whether you choose to use the case with the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s, you'll still be able to easily access the headphone port, charger port, power button, volume control and both front and rear-facing cameras.

Double construction (bumper+case) provides good protection from drops and table scratches

Simple to install and remove. The gap between two pieces are tight and even. The edge is raised high enough to protect the screen with tempered glass installed.Simple to install and remove

It is attractive, feels good when in your hand, and protects the phone well. It comes in two pieces, a soft shell, and a hard shell over it. Always, when installing on the phone, separate the pieces and install the soft shell, then snap on the hard shell. This avoids stressing the hard shell to get the phone in the correct position and will extend the life of the item.

feels good when in your hand, and protects the phone well

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