Crave Dual Guard Protection Series Case for iPhone 5 / 5S / SE

This Crave dual guard case is so sleek! The perfect balance of protection and style for your iPhone 5/5S/SE. It's thin enough that it doesn't bulk up your phone, but thick enough that it feels like it provides sufficient protection and prevents scratching of the camera lense. The case has volumn and lock buttons that go over the ones on the phone already and it makes the case looks nice and easier to use the buttons with the case on. Can easily charge and plug in headphones with the case on as well.
This case is so sleek

The rubber interior piece has a slight lip that hugs the screen so if you couple it with a decent screen protector then this will close the gap between the protector and the edge. The buttons work fine and it's a tight fit on the iphone SE.

fit on the iphone SE.

This is pretty much everything a good case would need. It is easy to grip and hard to drop. It feels sturdy yet compact, with protection over the corners and a lip over the screen protecting from direct facedown impacts. It doesn't add a ton of weight to your phone.

It is easy to grip and hard to drop

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