Crave Dual Guard S7 Case, Shockproof Protection Dual Layer Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

This crave dual guard case is really sturdy. It also has its own buttons that cover the ones on the phone, which makes it very easy to use. It fits very snugly. And the holes are just the perfect size so that they won't wear out quickly.

Crave Dual Guard S7 Case

This case fits perfectly on samsung galaxy S7 was designed to give your mobile device day-to-day protection from all of life's punches. Imagine what it would be like if dirt, dust, and scratches were no longer a daily battle.

This case fits perfectly on samsung galaxy S7

Great quality product, case is slim and doesn't add much to the phone profile but is still very sturdy. Texture grip feels nice and helps you hold onto the phone better.

Crave Dual Guard for Samsung S7 Case

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