EGV Camera Lens Protector Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max, HD Clear Tempered Glass Back Camera Protector ( 3 Pack )

The lens was very easy to install. There was a thorough step by step process which made it easy to follow. Comes with two pairs of cleaning wipes, guide stickers and dust removers, and a lens cloth cleaner! More than enough extra items to help place the protector on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Also came with an offer to claim a free gift which is great! All for a great price as well.

EGV Camera Lens Protector Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max

Comes with 3 protectors and 3 kits to clean the lenses and assist in application to phone. Fits perfectly, very sheer/clear glass. you won’t have to worry about lens scratching in you purse or if you drop it.

Comes with 3 protectors

Other than not including directions on how to install with the package, it was easy to put on, nice and thick full coverage and doesn’t interfere with any picture taking. you feel this will provide great protection for you camera lenses!

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