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Educated is an excellent memoir. It tells the story of a young girl from a large family who is raised without any form of education. She was taught that a woman was to be subservient to the men in her family and that her ultimate goal was to be wife and mother. Through her own efforts, she was able to gain enough knowledge to begin her education at BYU and eventually receive a PhD. The cost of her education was the loss of her relationship with most of her family. The gain was the development of her self as a strong individual who could make choices for her life.

Educated A Memoir kindle

This memoir is beautifully written, at every step a nuanced revelation of the author’s search to find her-self in the midst of her beloved, but Fundamentalist, Survivalist family. It is the story, in every sense of the word, of her education. The book was absolutely engrossing, and reading it a privilege. Westover offers her story as that of a singular life- but through this encounter, one comes to understand a great deal about the steep emotional cost of familial love at the intersections of fundamentalist belief, paranoia, sexual oppression and abuse.


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“Powerful, moving, brave in its revelation of profound humiliations, naked and completely at home in its form.”—Mona Simpson, author of Casebook and Anywhere But Here “A punch to the gut, a slow burn, a savage indictment, a love letter: Educated somehow contrives to be all these things at once. Tara Westover guides us through the extraordinary western landscape of her coming of age and in clear, tender prose makes us feel what she felt growing up among fanatics. We give ourselves over to her telling, even when she takes us to the very darkest places a family can dwell. Rarely have I read a book that made me so uncomfortable, so enraged, and at the same time so utterly, entirely absorbed.

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