End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World by Sylvia Browne ( Kindle Edition ) Kindle eBook | Books

The End of Days, the Apocalypse, the Rapture, for many decades humans have been interested to know just how the world will end?

Sylvia Browne is an internationally-bestselling author and psychic who has amazed and helped millions through her books, readings and television appearances. She is also the author of Psychic Children; Prophecy; Insight; Phenomenon and The Other Side and Back. She appears regularly on The Montel Williams Show and has also appeared on Good Morning America, CNN and Entertainment Tonight.

End of Days

This book details the basis and history of all religions. It also has accurate predictions about the past and the future. The author is a well-known Seer of the future and most of her predictions have come true... especially the one about a pandemic occurring in 2020!

End of Days by Sylvia Browne

About the Author

Sylvia Browne was a psychic and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of End of Days, Blessings from the Other Side, Adventures of a Psychic, The Other Side and Back, and Life on the Other Side.

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