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Little Fires Everywhere is another excellent novel by Celeste Ng. The fires break out in the relationships between family members, friends and lifestyles as different as day and night. It's a story of mothers protecting their children in radically different ways that they all consider to be loving and stable. But instability is the common thread that runs throughout the book. Well done from start to finish. The book is now a series on Netflix.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Little Fires Everywhere has it all: three dimensional characters, excellent writing, and a storyline that will immediately pull you into the lives of two very different families in a Stepford Wife sort of planned community. Sparks fly when a headstrong artist and single mom, Mia, and her shy, brilliant daughter, Pearl, move in and refuse to fit the mold. Their Bohemian lifestyle and personal magnetism challenge the carefully constructed system and reveal the cracks and secrets holding the superficial community together. We are this most clearly through Mia and Pearl's interactions with the affluent Richardson family. By the story's end, not one of the superficial Richardson's can ever return to their old, comfortable ways of viewing their own lives or judging the lives of others. This is a great and moving social study of class stereotypes and the dynamic interaction between mother's and their children.

Little Fires Everywhere

About the Author

Celeste Ng grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Shaker Heights, Ohio. She graduated from Harvard University and earned an MFA from the University of Michigan. Her debut novel, Everything I Never Told You, was a New York Times bestseller and winner of the Massachusetts Book Award, the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature, and the ALA's Alex Award. Little Fires Everywhere, Ng's second novel, was a New York Times bestseller, winner of the Ohioana Book Award, and named a best book of the year by over twenty-five publications. Her books have been translated into more than thirty languages and she was the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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