Loncaster Cell Phone Holder, Silicone Car Phone Mount Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, GPS

The most important thing for a cell phone holder for car is holding your cell phone fix securely at the best spot for you to see the GPS, right?
Pros :
- Sticks perfectly to even our dusty dashboard
- Securely holds phone in landscape orientation
- Easy to secure and release phone
- No moving parts
- Phone doesn't fly off even during abrupt stops
Loncaster Cell Phone Holder for Car

This was exactly what you were looking for. It’s not too large but big enough to hold phone with an otter box defender case on it. Sticks great to the dash board. Would recommend!

Sticks great to the dash boardThis product makes holding your phone in the car easy. You don't have to worry again of poor adhesive. Mounting your phone on this product is very fast and is useful for navigation, listen to your favorite show and etc. There is also a small spot in front of that in case you need to put sth.

Mounting is very fast

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