Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000

This earlier-gen Powercore 20000 is still the best portable charger available on the planet (as of Oct. 2020 and counting) and it's not particularly close. This is the Cadillac of battery packs. The design, usability, reliability, etc. are predictably top-notch.
- Recharging the battery via USB-C is ultra fast, especially with a high-output AC wall adapter.
- Dual USB outputs for simultaneous charging that actually work... as opposed to other manufacturers' empty promises.
- Extremely portable for the capacity. The weight and form factor make it easy to just slip into a pocket.
- Classy yet understated design. Very sturdy construction. In other words, it's an Anker product.
Also, the power level indicator is made up of four little blue/green lights, arranged in a cool little semi-circle.

PowerCore Essential 20000

This is a must for anybody who has traveled and the cell phone ran out ofCharge. This portable charger will charge your cell phone quicker than the wall plug-in, and with support for simultaneous USB charging, this is the ultimate combination of power and convenience.

support for simultaneous USB charging,It's exactly what it says it is. MultiProtect safety system combines high-voltage protection, current regulation, temperature control, and more to keep you and your devices safe.

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