SPIDERCASE Waterproof Case Compatible with iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro

The Spidercase waterproof case protect your iphone 12 from water. Great companion for outdoor sports and daily use. It is easy to install and provides complete coverage.Once the top is pressed onto the back, the case is sealed, and there is no room for movement. Full coverage is provided without impact on screen or camera functions. Buttons are slightly raised for easier use, and the sides are easy to grab without being sticky. The water resistant covering for the mute switch is a wear item, and replacements are provided, as is a handy lanyard. The lens cover interferes with the flash, but that's a trade-off for waterproof coverage.

SPIDERCASE Waterproof Case

This Spidercase cover comes with high touch sensitivity built-in screen protector. Wireless charging supported. Works well with camera and takes photos and videos.

Spidercase cover c

The Spidercase is easy to assemble. This is a great product. It is water- and dirt- proof.

It is water- and dirt- proof

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