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Shoe Dog encompasses a young man's vision sculpted from a Stanford business school thesis paper onto a revolutionary, cutting edge brand that redefined what shoes mean to individuals worldwide. With inspiration for running, first embedded from his track coach Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight utilized a pit-stop in Japan to initialize his vision. Founded in 1972 first as Blue Ribbon and importing Tigers from the far east, Nike eventually emerged into a behemoth that would transform shoe culture globally. This book traces its initial foundations and the team-players (aka "Buttfaces") it was built upon, onto it's successful I.P.O. launch in 1980 (ironically same week as Apple had an I.P.O. wow!). Mr. Knight describes in trenchant detail the negotians, travels, brainstorming seshions, and spur of the moment innovations that allowed Nike to transcend the monopoly that German firms (i.e. Adidas, Puma) held upon the footwear/apparel market.

Shoe Dog kindle

This is a great history of Nike's beginnings. The struggles, trials and tribulations of making Nike a household name. How Phil Knight had to work hard to get Nike off the ground, change suppliers, develop new products and was constantly trying to improve his product without any profit for a long time. Interesting how his core group of advisors band together and never gave up on their dream. Doubters, such as banks denying loans for a business that they thought would never entice the public. Really fascinating history of Nike.


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One of the world’s most influential business executives, Phil Knight is the founder of Nike, Inc. He served as CEO of the company from 1964 to 2004, as board chairman through 2016, and he is currently Chairman Emeritus. He lives in Oregon with his wife, Penny.

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