Spigen Slim Armor Case Compatible with iPhone 5/5S/SE [ TPU Shell + Hard PC Casing ]

This is a great spigen case for the iPhone 5/5S/SE. The case is sleek looking, provides adequate shock protection and guards against scratching the phone body and screen well. The case does not block key buttons or the camera lens - perfect fit.
Spigen Slim Armor Case

The Slim Armor case slides in and out of pockets easily and feels great in your hand. The volume and power buttons, which are covered, have the perfect tactile response and aren't "clicky" like some other cases. This is by far the best minimal iPhone case you can buy.

Slim Armor case

This is a very nice case. Reasonably priced, well designed and stylish. The inner part of the cover that is visible on the top and bottom is a malleable hard plastic that feels very natural and comfortable as it covers the volume and power buttons. The hard plastic on the outside feels almost like metal and holds it all together both stylistically and physically.

 spigen case for the iPhone 5/5S/SE

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