Sony ZX Series MDR-ZX110AP Wired On-Ear Headphones

The Sony ZX Series MDR-ZX110AP over-the-ear headphones are awesome devices. These are inexpensive dependable headphones by Sony with very respectable sound quality for what you pay. The swiveling earcup design allows easy storage when you’re not using them, and enhances portability when you’re traveling.

Sony ZX Series MDR-ZX110AP

The Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Built with comfort and performance in mind, there’s no need to compromise. Compact for portability yet affording listening flexibility, the swivel, folding earpads let you enjoy music in many ways.

Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones

Such a sleek pair of headphones, very elegant. The durable, 1.2 m y-type cable resists snags and tangles so you can get caught up in your music, not your cord.

Such a sleek pair of headphones

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