Spigen Crystal Clear Case Ultra Hybrid Designed for iPhone XR (2018)

The Spigen hybrid case with TPU rubber surround and clear polycarbonate back. Putting a clear glass/poly surface over a reflective dark surface is going to make it into a mirror to some degree, and this case can't get around that. If you are placing it over a dark iPhone, the back will show fingerprints, dust, etc. That's to be expected with a clear back like this. The corners on the back are slightly raised providing excellent protection, and the front glass is protected by a smooth raised edge all around.
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone XR

This case is a nice compromise between protection and minimal design while still providing the ability to perform wireless charging. Buttons are nice. The cutout for the lightning port is large to accommodate different adapters/connectors.

wireless charging

This is a great case. The outer edge has a matte finish. The back panel came with protective film on the outside and inside. This case has a very nice comfortable grip.
The iphone XR is very slippery, and this case makes it very easy to hold. Also the front edge has a lip to keep the screen raised on a flat surface to avoid scratching the screen.
This is a really high quality case with very good fit and finish.

 The back panel came with protective film on the outside and inside

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