TOZO W1 Wireless Charger Fast Charging High-Precision Computer Numerical Control Technology

The TOZO W1 wireless charger is probably one of the best looking wireless chargers on the market. This charger is very easy to use - simply plug it in and then place your device on it. When it detects the device, the color LEDs change from green to blue and the charging starts. The feedback happens quickly - within a half a second, so it's real easy to tell when you have the device correctly positioned.

TOZO W1 Wireless Charger

This is an excellent wireless charger! It’s a clean, beautiful design. Very thin compared to other wireless chargers you’ve had and not as finicky about placement (doesn’t have to be completely centered). It has soft lights on the top and the bottom that are green when not in use and blue when charging, but they are very subtle and do not light up my whole room disturbing you sleep.

It’s a clean, beautiful design

This is a very nice quality wireless charging pad. Single-Piece Aviation Aluminum Metal Casing, Processed by Anodic Oxidation and High-Precision Integrated Computer Numerical Control Digital Cutting Technology, High Charging Performance, Treated with High Gloss Lacquer Finish, Sleek & Elegant.

Processed by Anodic Oxidation