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The Midnight Library is a great novel. Matt Haig writes beautifully. He writes of life yet unseen and makes you imagine vast possibilities. His writing is unique, clear, and makes you want to live, to find joy in everyday seemingly mundane matters that are not mundane at all.

The Midnight Library was an excellent read on every level. Through the character of Nora Seed, Haig takes us on a detailed journey of the "what ifs" of life. He explores the dark and the light side of the personal choices that confront us throughout a lifetime and raises our awareness of all that perhaps we fail to see. This is a perfect book for the times. Uplifting, inspirational, and highly recommended.

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The author Matt Haig is an advocate for mental health awareness. His novel The Midnight Library delves into his real life struggles with depression through a fictional world with infinite choices in this magical library. In this world, the space between life and death includes a library where you can take a journey through alternating life choices and try out other lives. Haig’s main character, Nora, suffers from depression and she wants to die. That night she wakes up in the midnight library with an infinite number of lives to choose from and opportunities to change her life. The library’s shelves contain thousands of books that represent her regrets and possible futures based on these decisions. Through choosing these experiences and living lives where she resolves her regrets, Nora’s discoveries change how she views her depression. The life where she ends up married to a long time boyfriend, Dan, does not have the rosy future she imagined. Her future life with a swimming career reaching Olympic fame also includes a terrible future for her parents. A future life as a rock star and movie star’s girlfriend is shockingly lonely. These surprises influence Nora’s awareness and her wish to live.

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About the Author

Matt Haig is the author of the internationally bestselling memoir Reasons to Stay Alive, along with five novels, including How to Stop Time, and several award-winning children's books. His work has been translated into more than thirty languages.

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