Touchpad Keyboard Case Compatible with iPad 7th Generation / iPad Air 3

This keyboard case won't transform your iPad into a full MacBook Pro, but it will give you a lot more features, including a mouse. You will have to enable the mouse feature on your device for this to work, which is pretty easy once you search for it. The case does seem to provide an adequate amount of protection without making it too bulky. Overall, this is a very good upgrade that adds some needed features to the iPad.

Touchpad Keyboard Case

There are 2 backlight modes, stable rainbow backlight, and circular breathing rainbow backlight, Under the illumination of the backlight, it can bring quite an interesting sense of technology. To turn on the stable backlight, please press FN + “light bulb” key, and keep clicking the FN+ “light bulb” key could adjust the backlight brightness. it can be switched among high, medium and low light levels.

There are 2 backlight modes

It is a luxury on the Ipad, precise case does not fall or move, the keyboard is very comfortable, the configuration is super simple, it has a cable to charge the keyboard when it is unloaded, it does not have a charging cube. The mouse is another thing that is excellent, very simple to the touch and precise, it responds as if it were a laptop. Highly recommended. It works with Office, messaging apps, mail, etc.

It works with Office, messaging apps, mail, etc

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