YOUMAKER Slim Fit Shockproof Case Cover for iPhone SE 2020

This is a great YOUMAKER case for the iPhone SE (2020 model). Premium materials provide great texture while maintaining shockproof functionality. The lightweight and slim design make sure your iPhone SE is snugly fitted in. Quick to put on and take off and has provided amazing protection for you iphone. The case has a sturdy design, it’s easy to install your iPhone and also has an attractive style and colors to choose from!


The case fits the SE2020 perfectly this is a very strong case yet slim and does not add a lot of bulk.

slim and does not add a lot of bulk

TThe case is built well. Nice to have a screen shield that was part of the front cover. Basic to install. Comes as three pieces. Front cover, Rubber sides and back, third is a metal plate that snaps on the back.

Basic to install

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